Introduction To Our Interior Photography

Fame Lights photography offers professional interior and architectural photography for hotels, resorts, restaurants and property developers. We are also available to photograph privately owned properties.

As we are short-listed as preferred photographers for Accor, we photograph hotels and resorts all over Asia as well.

Due to the high standards demanded by global hotel companies, we incorporate the highest levels of retouching in our final images. Eye-catching disturbances in hotel rooms such as A/C units, reflections, wiring, and electrical wall sockets, are all removed in post-production.

On many occasions when we photograph interiors for hotels and resorts, we also photograph the food and drinks menus and shoot portraits of the chef and other hotel executives. This allows us to offer one-stop packages to our clients in order to help save on budget.

Before the start of a shoot we prefer to include a recce day as well. This allows us to discuss the client’s requirements in more detail, go over the shot list, and determine the best time of day to photograph each image.

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