Our professional food and beverage photography helps F&B professionals, hotels, restaurants, and bar owners in the Hospitality and HoReCa Industry communicate their offers in a way that makes your USPs stand out from the competition.

Customers of the competitive food & beverage industry have high expectations for the mesmerizing visions of your chefs, sommeliers, and bartenders. With pictures serving as your clients’ first point of contact with your food, professionally capture the result of the journey that went into creating your future best-selling dishes and cocktails.

People start eating with their eyes, with pictures that look so mouth-wateringly good, save your potential customers from having to check the competition by automatically making it to their bucket list.

Studies show that restaurants and bars that invest in consistent branding have lower customer acquisition costs, a more loyal customer base and a higher average check than their competitors.

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Introduction To Our Food & Drink Photography
One of our specializations is food photography. We shoot both at the studio and on location, depending on the client’s requirements.

Prior to a restaurant shoot, we normally meet with the manager and chef on location to discuss the purpose of the shoot and the requirements of the images, whether they are intended to be used for the menu, for social media, for the restaurant’s website, etc.

On a typical restaurant shoot, the styling and propping are done by the photographer. For commercial shoots, a food stylist is added to the team.

For more information, please send us a Contact Form or call Willem at 081-855 0254. He speaks both English and Thai. We also discuss the purpose of your portrait photography session to understand what you need and how you want to look. It allows the photographer to come up with ideas on how to pose you and focus on the areas of your face and body that make you look your best.

Most of our clients have never done portrait photography sessions before and feel quite nervous when they arrive. We make sure you feel comfortable and confident by coaching you throughout the session. You will feel much better within the first 10 minutes of standing in front of the camera and may even consider doing it again after completing your first portrait session with us!
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What Happens During The Session
On the day of the shoot we work with the chef and the kitchen staff to make sure all dishes are prepared in a way that makes them look their best. Most props that we use come from the restaurant so that the images become more recognizable for customers; they will be able to identify certain elements in the images that are representative of the restaurant.

All images are color-corrected, tone adjusted and retouched to create compelling images that attract potential customers to the restaurant.

In many cases, restaurants need several image versions of their food to use for different purposes; images for the menu are normally different than images for social media. One is more focused on the dish itself, whereas the latter version would include more styling and propping. We can create both at no extra cost.

After the shoot, it usually takes about three working days for the images to be ready. The final images are uploaded to an online gallery from where the client can download them. We deliver all images in both low resolutions for use on the internet and high-resolution versions for use in print.
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Professional Food Photography

An Investment In Your F&B Business With Guaranteed Returns. Professional Food And Cocktail Photography For The F&B Industry.

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Food photography can be challenging. You want the right light, beautiful backgrounds, and elegant compositions.

Fame Lights mixes powerful lighting with beautiful scene styling to create images that capture the natural beauty of the food and cocktails while presenting your menu offerings in a visually appealing way.

Our team strives to create quality images for all types of clients including food and beverage companies and businesses, bloggers, and magazine editors.

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