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Professional Photography Services Tailored for Your Corporate Events

From grand galas to intimate board meetings, our photography services for events are tailored to meet your unique corporate needs. Our team of experienced event photographers will capture the essence of your events, showcasing the ambiance, guest interactions, and your event’s most memorable moments. With our commitment to excellence, we guarantee photographs that reflect the professionalism and success of your corporate gatherings.

Event Photographer Services

From Launch Parties To Large Corporate Events, Fame Lights Photography Helps Professionals Advertize Their Events & Scale Their Businesses

Business Photography for Work Events

Enhance Your Work Events with Professional Business Photographers

Elevate your work events, such as business meetings, quarterly reviews, corporate gatherings, and presentations, with professional business photography. Our skilled corporate event photographers understand the nuances of capturing the atmosphere, professionalism, and success of these occasions.

Quarterly reviews are pivotal moments for any business. Ensure that these important meet-ups with all of your company management are captured professionally with our dedicated corporate photographers. Our team will document the significant achievements, presentations, and team dynamics during your quarterly reviews, providing you with high-quality images that reflect the progress and success of your organization.

Whether documenting presentations, capturing networking moments or showcasing the ambiance, our photography services will add a touch of excellence to your work events. At Fame Lights, we make it a priority to honor your brand voice and positioning so any material you have invested in can have a high potential for returns, whether from internal communication to increase trust with shareholders or to share with the world as you scale your business awareness.

Conventions & Conferences

Document the Success of Your Conventions, Conferences, and Trade-Shows with Professional Event Photography.

Hosting a convention or conference requires meticulous planning and coordination. Our professional conference event photographers are experienced in capturing the highlights, keynote speeches, and engaging sessions that shape these important gatherings. By documenting the key moments and interactions, we create a visual narrative that reflects the success and impact of your conventions and conferences.

Take advantage of the power of storytelling to entertain your existing audience and attract more of your target clients.

Event Videographer for Launch Parties

Create an Impactful Visual Story with an Event Videographer for Launch Parties.

Launch parties mark significant milestones for businesses. To create an impactful visual story of your launch event, our skilled event videographers are at your service.

Through our live video broadcasting services, we will capture the excitement, speeches, product demonstrations, and customer reactions, allowing you to share the highlights and essence of your launch party live with a broader audience.

Team Outing & Team Building Events

Capture Your Best Team Outing and Staff Party Moments in Thailand with Small Event Photographers Near You.

Make your team outings and staff parties memorable with our corporate event photographers. At Fame Lights Photography, we understand the importance of fostering teamwork, building relationships, and celebrating achievements. Team building activities can make a big difference in the motivation and productivity of your business’ first clients, your people.

Taking the time to hire a freelance photographer for your team outings and team-building events can really reinforce brand loyalty and provide you with organic material for your company’s marketing materials. Showcase the human side and behind-the-scenes of your company in your email newsletters and on your brand’s social media!

Our experienced local events photographers will skillfully immortalize the energy, excitement, and camaraderie of your team-building activities and staff parties in Bangkok for years to come.

Networking Events

Scale Your Networking Events in Bangkok with High-Quality Photography.

Networking at work events provides valuable opportunities to connect and forge meaningful professional relationships. Our skilled business event photographers excel at weaving through the crowds to capture candid portraits and group shots of the many rich interactions, exchanges of ideas, and moments of connection.

With our high-quality photography services, you can make a lasting impression and showcase the success of your networking events in Bangkok across your social media platforms, email marketing, website, digital ads, and printed materials.

Hot Tip: Provide the added value of allowing your attendees to reconnect on Facebook by tagging each other in your event’s photo albums!

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Event Photographer Contract For Corporate Photography
Ensure a Seamless Experience with an Event Photography Contract. Request special deals with a long-term photographer contract for corporate events.

To provide clarity and peace of mind, we offer event photography contracts for our corporate photography services. Whether for a one-off freelance photographer for a private event or for longer partnerships, these contracts outline the terms and conditions, including pricing, deliverables, timelines, and usage rights.

By establishing a professional agreement, we ensure a seamless experience and guarantee that your corporate photography needs are perfectly aligned with your professional expectations.
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Local Photographers For Your Events
Choose Local Expertise for Unparalleled Event Photography | Bangkok Event Photographers

When it comes to event photography, local expertise matters. Our team of local photographers understands the city's nuances, venues, and lighting conditions, ensuring that we capture the best shots possible.

By choosing our local photographers, you benefit from their in-depth knowledge and ability to navigate the event landscape, resulting in stunning images that truly represent the spirit of your events. Make your upscale events even more memorable by hiring the best event photographers in Bangkok today!

As long-time private event photographers and family event photographers, we have unique expertise when it comes to capturing small or indoor events in low-light conditions.
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Event Photography with Live Streaming and Live Broadcasting
Expand Your Reach with Event Photography and Live Streaming Services

Take your event to the next level by combining event photography with live streaming online and live broadcasts for your guests! Our team specializes in capturing the excitement and energy of your event while simultaneously sharing it with a virtual audience or on a live screen in real-time. With our comprehensive service, you can engage a broader audience and extend the reach and impact of your work events.

Benefit from our live broadcasting technology to broadcast presentations on a larger screen during large conferences, quarterly reviews and company-wide meetings, and team-building activities. Keep your audience engaged by making sure everyone is included and able to participate.

Hire our expert sporting and charity event photographers and increase the popularity of your events by sharing with a broader audience through live streaming. Live streaming allows outside users to comment and interact with the event or presenter, making for a dynamic event with a direct impact on your brand’s sales or donations.
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Executive Celebrations

Memories are made by celebrating and what better to celebrate than the birthdays of your top management or the more rare farewell parties. 

Event Photographer Rates

Our event photographer prices vary based on the photography services requested. Minimum of two hours per photographer required.

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Great pictures inspire trust and will encourage future customers to keep shopping.

Having a product-based e-commerce business online already takes a lot of time and effort, and while investing in professional product pictures can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be.

At Fame Lights, we have streamlined the product and packshot photography process to capture the essence of your brand and entice people to convert.

Capitalize on your investment by accurately portraying the products in your inventory for a quick turnaround and scalable profits.

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