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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Video Production Company To Advertise Your Business Online

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1. Corporate video production can help you scale your business in a standardized manner, ensuring quality of service across your growth.

What is corporate video production?

Simply put, corporate video production is the process of creating business assets for the company’s internal or external use through the professional production of video content. Some benefits of making corporate videos for internal uses include a company introduction to help your employees feel more welcome and invested in the company’s growth. Another popular bestseller is well-made explainer videos of your company’s SOPs (standard operating procedures) to standardize the quality of service you want to provide your customers. Many companies will often first choose to hire a video production company or agency for external use cases, starting with a marketing video to scale their business. From experience, we usually recommend that companies invest in both so they are ready to meet the increased demand that a professional video ad will bring.

2. Hiring a video production company can help you save costs and stay flexible in a rapidly changing market.

Why hire a video production company?

The main benefit of hiring a video production agency for your corporate video needs is that it takes away all risks from your investments, whether in time, people, brain power, or money. Outsourcing your corporate video filmmaking also reduces costs compared to in-house video production. It keeps your company light on its feet so you can pivot your business when and as needed. Instead of having to recruit a team that you will have to train and manage, your business can directly benefit from the seniority of an experienced team of scriptwriters, videographers, and video editors without worrying about what can quickly become redundant sunk costs, such as professional cameras, lights, and recording microphones.

While growing companies tend to prioritize the development of their internal team for day-to-day marketing tasks, the production of videos for your business, outside of reels and TikTok, can require significant investments in videography equipment as well as a certain level of expertise to create engaging video scripts, maneuvering complex hardware such as mirrorless cameras, gimbals, lighting, microphones and filters,  and having the necessary software subscriptions and knowledge to edit the footage into a high-converting video.

Behind-the-scenes corporate marketing video advertisement for Nissan

3. Investing in professional corporate video productions will help you stand out from the competition and ensure that your desired customers can find your products.

Why is corporate video production important for your company?

Gone are the days when a well-designed and strategically placed poster ad was enough to stand out from the competition in our ever-evolving economy. While professional photography and design still have their purpose, the primary exposure to marketing today happens through videos, as can be observed by the rapidly occurring shifts in your client’s social media platforms.

After all, outside of traditional media placements, how many of your customers can avoid long or short-form video platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook videos, or Instagram reels in their daily lives?

Investing in corporate videos can help reinforce your branding message by powerfully communicating your values and how you want to make your staff and clients feel.

4. Corporate videos professionally produced by a video production company can be repurposed across all your digital platforms for maximum return on investment.

What is video advertising?

Video advertising is the process of promoting your business or company online with video content, such as your company website or YouTube ads, through traditional media, such as TV programs, or even through shared-economy services such as Netflix and Hulu. Video advertising placements can also be placed on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

what is/are (a) video ad(s)

Video ads tend to be shorter-form segments that highlight the solutions your company provides to potential and existing clients’ problems. Video ads are generally designed to fit different portions of the marketing and sales funnel, from awareness to conversion and re-targeting.

What is online video advertising?

Online video advertising involves the distribution of often professionally produced corporate marketing videos on the platforms where your target clients spend the majority of their time online.

Creating a video advertisement

Tailoring a high-converting video ad for your business can be the differentiating factor between a successful and a stalling business. A marketing video production company will help your business identify the emotional goals you are aiming to elicit from your ad by targeting the message to the right client for your services or products.

For example, a brilliant marketing campaign was Old Spice’s change in targeting. While the company knew that the products they made were aimed at men, their research showed that wives were the primary purchasers of households. Their sales skyrocketed by eliciting the feeling that their male partners could make them feel the same way as the male actor in the adverts simply by wearing Old Spice deodorants.

5. Video marketing is the most powerful tool for creating long-lasting emotional connections with potential and existing customers and increasing sales conversion.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing will provide your company with some of the highest psychological impacts to stay top-of-mind in your target customer’s available brain space. Visuals and sounds can create lasting impressions, yet reports today show that the average consumer is exposed to as many as 10,000 ads a day across all formats, from Google Ads and Social Media Ads to podcasts, emails, posters, and banners. This means that our brains have evolved to filter out as much of the noise as possible to prevent constant overwhelm of information processing.

Promotional video production uses storytelling to encourage the clients you want to attract to stop the scroll by matching them with a solution to a problem they have been facing. A good marketing video will also include memorable call-to-actions to link the ad to your company so you don’t accidentally benefit a competitor.

What is the importance of video marketing?

The main goal of corporate video marketing has always been to create awareness. After all, if your clients don’t know you exist, what would compel them to seek you out? Today, it is also meant to help your business stay competitive. Help your customers find you and give them an emotionally driven glimpse of how they would feel after or while benefitting from your business offers.

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